3 Characteristics of Best Online Dealers for Used Cars

In this age of digital indulgence, there are a lot of websites that have mushroomed for used cars. There are many portals who have online dealers of used Volkswagen Vento in Bangalore. This abundance of choice can be confusing for buyers. They would be stepping back and thinking which one is the best dealer and from where should they purchase a used car. Here are a few pointers that can help:

Genuine Sellers

Many online portals have authorized dealers and even freelance dealers operating as sellers. If you are looking to avoid such dealers and find only genuine sellers then this can be a trap for you. So check the business model of the portal and how do they operate. Some portals will be very honest and transparent where they say that they are operating online marketplace for dealers only. Here you won’t get to deal with a direct seller.

Conflict Resolution Process

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When you are dealing with a direct seller on a digital channel, there are chances of conflicts arising. A small misunderstanding can became a conflict which can flare into a dispute. It may be possible that the online portal also gets dragged into this dispute. So ensure that the portal has its own conflict resolution process in place. There are many portals who offer arbitration to the seller and buyer who register a conflict with them.

Car Inspection Policy

Check the car inspection policy. Most of the portals will tell you that they sell only certified cars. But it is important to know who is doing the inspection and certification. Some portals insist that the car needs to be inspected at only company workshops. Others will offer free inspection service to the seller. So try to see what is their inspection policy and process.


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