7 Ways To Brighten Lives

Imagine if you had the magical powers to create a heaven on earth? What would you do? Would you ensure that every child gets to go to school? Would you try to put an end to gender inequality and ensure that everyone, regardless of their gender, gets to live a  and environmentalists to put an end to the ecological crisis that has been plaguing us for the last 50 years?

Wake up, it’s not a dream, it’s reality

Do you think that the idea of making a change is great, but is this anything more than a dream?

Welcome to the world of crowdfunding, where the power of the masses is harnessed to create a change and make impact in our society. The change could be manifested in the life of one person or in the lives of millions.

Crowdfunding has sent students to school and helped those in universities to complete their education. Crowdfunding has also helped disadvantaged women lead useful lives and funded scientists to work hard to make breakthrough innovations. Crowdfunding has helped artists to hold their own art exhibitions.

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Here are 7 ideas we came up with to brighten lives with crowdfunding:

1.Vocational education for all

Ensure that students in financially impoverished areas get educated in the basics of computers. Often students in such neighborhoods do not have access to computers, and go to schools that do not have sufficient funds to start computer labs. Also,the lack of trained teachers in such areas only adds to dulling their chances to be at par with children who come from comparatively privileged backgrounds.

2. Restoring dignity and respect

A rehabilitation centre for women who have been victims of domestic and sexual abuse with boarding facilities and a full-time counselor to help these women equip themselves emotionally and psychologically for their new lives, along with monetizable skill-sets to live productive lives.

3. A beacon of hope to farmers

Providing farmers on the verge of suicide a beacon of hope by training them in how to reduce their dependence on pesticides and instead rely on natural pest-control measures to ensure availability of organic vegetables and fruits in the market. A co-operative model financed by digital crowdfunding where both farmers and consumers benefit without any third-party intervention can save our farmers.

4. Support movies that support social causes

Fund amateur film projects that address important social issues and ensure that the films receive media exposure. Also, raise funds for a film festival to encourage more filmmakers to make films that inspire us to be better people.

5. Be a partner in our fight against cancer

Fund medical research that could help find a way to improve lives of patients suffering from cancer- be it a new way of diagnosis or an innovation in surgical methods. Or help medical students complete their very expensive medical education.

6. Ignite rural dreams

An  Incubation Centre for budding entrepreneurs in rural and semi-urban areas ensuring that proper access to electricity, internet and infrastructural amenities to see to it that their dreams are set in motion.

7. We all are born powerful

An alternative for traditional banking institutions which do not offer loans to the poor who are unable to offer any collateral. This alternative would ensure that those from lower socio-economic backgrounds use the loans to earn a livelihood and thereby restore the powers that life stripped away from them.

These are 7 ways we came up with to brighten lives of people around us. What are your 7 ideas for community improvement?

Create and share your list and use the magic of crowdfunding to change lives.

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