About Six Sigma Green Belt

The employees those who spend some of their time on process improvement teams are known as Six Sigma Green Belts. They are involved with lean, six sigma and other quality improvement projects by analyzing and solving quality problems. A green belt is someone who has at least 3 years of working experience and who want to demonstrate their knowledge of is sigma tools and processes. Six sigma green belt which drives a process in improving the initiative to develop robust system for the business and also delivers consistent better output to customer. The six sigma green belt classes provides all individuals with a logical and an objective way to measure, identify and eliminate problems with a process within an organization. This training also improves the way where employees approach their day to day work. They also positioned strategically to support the improvement initiatives at their workplace.


The six sigma green belt certification requires a minimum three years of working experience in one or more areas of the six sigma green belt body of knowledge. Every candidates should have worked full time in a paid role. Any other course work should not be applied towards the work experience requirement.

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There are some minimum expectation of certified six sigma green belt.

  • It operates in support of the supervision of a six sigma black belt
  • It analyze and solves quality problems.
  • It get involved in quality improvement projects.
  • It participates in a project but does not led a project.
  • It has a least three years of work experience.
  • It has an ability to demonstrate their knowledge of six sigma process and tools.

About Quality Management Online Training

The discipline of managing quality processes in an organization is termed as Quality Management. It can be considered to have 4 main components like quality control, quality planning, quality assurance and quality improvement. It is focused not only on product quality but also mean to achieve it. It uses quality assurance and control in process as well as product to achieve more perfect and consistent quality. Customers recognize that the quality is much more important attribute of a product or services. Quality is an important differentiator between supplier and their competitors. In the last 2 decades the quality gap has reduced between competitive services and products.

Why Quality Management online Classes are preferred

Quality Management Online Classes helps you to understand the basic fundamentals in achieving maximum customer satisfaction at a lowest cost. It focuses on delivering a quality products and services by improving the process or by setting up a world class quality management system. This training will make you learn about popular approaches to quality management like CTFL, Lean Six Sigma and more

Table of Content

  • Quality circles
  • Cost of quality
  • ISO
  • Six Sigma
  • Vendor Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award

This training will provide to learn how organization applies quality in their everyday activities. Learn how to maintain teamwork to make the most of your employees potential.

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