All You Need to Know about Steel Wire Balustrades System

If you want to go for durability as an important feature of your balustrading without settling for an obstructed view of your surroundings, then steel wire balustrade will serve your needs just right. This system was designed to introduce more beauty to your balcony, decks,and staircase even without you having to blockthe view of the surroundings.

Types of steel wire balustrades

There are two types of steel wire balustrades: horizontal and vertical. Let us discuss these two in more detail.

Horizontal wire balustrading

The horizontal wire balustrading works well for buildings where you don’t have kids around since the horizontal footing is easier to climb and step on.This makes them unsafe for higher buildings and in public places. It is for this very reason why there are a lot of safety regulations you would have to follow if you plan on going with horizontal wire balustrading. As per a rule, one is not allowed to have horizontal balustrades in buildings that are higher than 4meters. Apart from the other drawback, you will have to live with when choosing horizontal balustrading is aesthetics. Since the welded wires or clamps are easily visible, their finishing can come off as clumsy and make them less appealing to the outsiders.

Vertical wire balustrading

The things that you might not get with the horizontal wire balustrades will be made possible using the vertical wire balustrades. They are safer and look aesthetically pleasing as well with you not having to worry about the finishing becoming visible no matter how clumsy it is. They are also a blessing for the owner who would only have to check the tension of the wires once a year since they hardly would pose any threat to the people around. However, during installation, one needs t be careful with the layout to carefully distribute the tension on the railing.


With the steel wire balustrades, you will be getting the view feature of glass and durability and maintenance of steel. It is like getting the best of both the worlds. Since steelis pretty easily maintained, you wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining the steel wires as well. Simple wipe them off with a soft wet towel daily and have them dried off with a dry towelafterward. In case you see stains, either use a stainless steel cleaner or a mild diluted detergent to rub them off.

The wire balustrades are modern and chic in their design. They add the perfect final touches to the household today when minimalistic designs are gaining a huge popularity world over. They cost close to what stainless steel balustrades would cost and give you a lot more freedom to sit back and enjoy the breeze and view without much hindrance.

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