Are Bankruptcies Public Information?

Filing for bankruptcy has a negative connotation in the minds of people, as it implies that you are a failure in repaying debts. In the true sense, however, it only suggests that opting to file for bankruptcy a person is responsible enough to clear off previous debts. In this regard, the best and experienced attorneys of the Manassas law firm can be your help to guide you appropriately in declaring yourselfbankrupt. With the lawyers at the firm, you can understand the legal procedures and can file for bankruptcy effortlessly.

Different kinds of bankruptcy

People often get burdened by extreme debts for reasons like paying off huge medicalbills, loss of jobs, credit cards bills, student loans, loss in business, etc. At the law firm, the lawyers first access your total amount of debts- whether those are secured or unsecured ones, your mortgaged properties, the number of properties you own, your total income, etc. Based on that, they can accurately guide you either to file for bankruptcy relief under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.With the apt advice of the lawyers, you can rest assured to get relief off your debts or get advice on reorganizing your plan to pay to your creditors.

Keep your consultations confidential

One of the services that the law firm provides is to keep your consultations with them confidential. Although bankruptcy files become public record, however, they are only accessible to the general public through special access systems. Moreover, the lawyers at the firm also guarantee you that only the authentic information gets to those systems without harming the reputation of the clients. Keep the trust and file for bankruptcy safely.

Evaluate credibility

Choosing an experienced lawyer with who you are free to discuss everything is crucial otherwise hiding essential information might have an adverse impact on the outcome of the case hence meet the lawyer in person and evaluate the approach and professional and then decide accordingly.

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