Are you interested to learn English?

If you want to speak fluently in English or else if you are preparing for any governments exams

then you are in the right place to learn English. To learn English you have to first know the grammar this is the base for to speak and write English fluently.  So you have to know some English grammar tips once if you started learning it is very easy to deal with English language. Many people has the problem to handle English because they will face some grammar mistakes and some may afraid to speak English. For all those problems can be solved by one and only solution that is grammar.

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Tricks to learn English grammar

  1. Fundamental capitalization rules

The capitalizing nouns are a trivial grammar rule. Proper capitalization helps your writing look professional, and would be correct.

  • The first word

You have to always capitalize the first word in a sentence.

  • Proper nouns

This contains name of the people, locations, places, days and months, companies and so on. For example Matthew, Helen, France, Tokyo, January and so on

  • Honorific’s and titles and abbreviations

Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Doctor (Dr), President, Lord and so on

  1. I and Me

I and Me are interchangeable. For example:

  1. Matt and I went for a walk and
  2. Matt and Me went for a walk

The first is the right one.

  1. Using your and you are

Your is a possessive determiner which attributes something to you.

  • Your dinner is getting cold
  • Your friends have reserved a table for the party
  • Your work is impressive

            You are is a contraction

  • You are nice to me
  • You are going to a party
  • You are a very successful writer
  1. Using their, they are and there

Using their you indicate that something belongs to them

  • Their car has broken down
  • It is not their child

They are is a contraction

  • If they are not coming
  • They are so happy

      There is an adverb

  • Your keys are over there
  • When we got there, the place was already closed
  1. Difference between must and have to

Must andhave to are inter changeable

  • I must wake up early to catch a morning train
  • She must do her homework
  • I have to wake up early to catch a morning train
  • She must do her homework
  1. Subject and verb agreement

The subject of the sentence can be either singular or plural

  • She likes pizza

More than one subject is connected by and it is a compound subject which need as plural

  • Lily and tom want to order pizza
  • Matt and I are going for a walk
  1. Active and passive voice

The subject is one performing the action which is described by verb that is called “active voice”

  • While the children played a game in the backyard, their dad prepared dinner.

       Someone is performing the action that is called “passive voice”

  • While the game was played by the kids, dinner was prepared by their dad
  1. Context is essential for collective nouns
  • My family loves me a lot
  • The cast was present for the movie
  • The visiting team is losing

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