Cadillac safety

Cadillacs are getting even safer with modern technology. The cars have always had style and performance that were major draws, but there are things that are not obvious that make your Cadillac safer than ever.

Cadillacs come equipped with the normal safety items like airbags, anti lock brakes and stability control.  There are also seatbelt pretensioners that automatically tighten in case of a collision. Anti whiplash head restraints also are a feature.

But it is technological advances that are making autos safer than ever. Cameras and sensors are behind many innovations that could ultimately result in a self driving cars. Until then, auto makers are using that technology to make cars easier to drive and safer. You may experience all the latest deveopnts at your Cadillac dealership Walpole, MA.

The sensors can spot a pedestrian and put the brakes on automatically if need by, which makes the car safer for those outside as well.  A rear view camera is also a nice feature that is standard. Automatic park assist uses radar to park your car with just the push of a button.

Enhanced night vision is made possible with sensors too, and that allows you to see better at night.  Rear cross traffic alert is another radar inspired innovation that can keep you out of accidents.

Lane keeping assistance is an option on all Cadillacs, as well as blind spot monitoring.  Lane departure warning is slightly different, and a part of the overall picture.

Sometimes you just need a nudge when there is potential danger, but not an immediate crash about to happen. In those cases Cadillacs has a warning system that vibrates in the seat to let you know. 

Windshield wiper are able to turn themselves on when needed, and automatic high beam headlights are also standard on most Cadillacs.  At the higher trim levels many of these features are standard equipment. On the lower trim levels all of them will not be standard. You may speak to the Cadillac dealership walpole, MA about getting a driver assistance and driver awareness packages installed when you buy a new car.

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