Clenbuterol & Females

Clenbuterol is a perfect weight loss supplement recommended for the obese persons. This is a prescription-only drug. But the idea behind its invention was to treat asthma, other respiratory problems. Many people think that Clenbuterol is an anabolic androgenic product. Not at all. It belongs to the group of sympathomimetic amine, which possesses AAS nature and helps in relaxing smooth muscle tissues. The pill fits for both male and female.

What does clen do?

As a sympathomimetic amine, clen stimulates the central nervous system, suppresses the hunger. It also affects the uncontrollable mechanisms such as breath rate, heart rate, metabolism, etc., Clen eases the muscle surrounding the bronchi and works as the best bronchodilator. Clenbuterol boosts up oxygenation by relaxing muscles, helps in the oxygen circulation throughout the body and supplies enough oxygen to the muscle and other organs. When the oxygen starts to circulate, the temperature gradually increases and thus fat starts to burn.

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Clenbuterol diet plan:

Clenbuterol diet plan should be thoroughly planned because it just not only reduces the weight but also sheds the excessive fat. The very first step is avoiding the intake of excessive calories. Because to reach the purpose of shedding fat, the fat should be used as energy. When there is a lack of calories, the stored fat can be used as energy fuel. Clen plays a key role to suppress your hunger instead of running behind your favorite. Try to cut down white carbohydrate, junk foods, fried items, high-sugar items that might increase the weight and the source of energy will be increased which is against the diet rule.

A perfect Clenbuterol diet plan should include healthy protein rich food with adequate nutrition, fiber, healthy fat, and water. Healthy fats are good fat to the body, such as legumes, salmon fish, red meat lean portion, peanut butter, etc., however, along with the diet plan, the proper workout is necessary to obtain the full effect of Clenbuterol. “Female diet plan”, is not any strange. They have to follow the cited description. But psychologically it has been revealed that women are more attached to food than men. This makes them a bit difficult to follow a proper diet plan. During the clen diet plan, some users go for a stack. Clen with Cytomel stack burns the fat rapidly. Clen diet plan decreases fat mass and increases lean muscle mass by improving protein synthesis. Whichever form of clen you use, it may be liquid, tablet or pill form, the results would be the same.

Clen Dosage

Clen minimum dosage for women is 20 mcg per day. The same dose shall be continued for three weeks. Once they decide that the drug suits to their body condition, then may gradually increase the dose up to 120 mcg per day. When the dose exceeds, adverse side effects are definite. Two weeks on and two weeks off cycle is preferred to make your body accustomed to the diet pill. Though it is not approved by FDA, the USA for human usage, still it has been sold in many illegal resources. Be careful while buying from them. Although clen acts same among men and women, the latter at small doses attain their goal along with a prescribed Female diet plan”.

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