Determining the US Criminal Justice System- A Broad Overview

When it comes to the criminal justice system in the US, it has multiple departments that work in a set refers to agencies or government establishments with a view to control criminal offenses, terrorism and felonies violating law and order, penalize the lawbreakers and ensure peace in the society. The criminal justice system works based on the jurisdiction area which is divided into city, state, federal or tribal authorities and military services.

How it works

Federal Level: Being the central system, the federal criminal justice departments handle criminal acts affecting federal properties or disturb more than one state.

State level: State level criminal justice process is completely focused on handling crimes that are committed inside the state boundaries. The entire process is done as per state jurisdiction.

Criminal Justice system components

Typically criminal justice system in USA has been operational with five major components or houses such as

  • Law enforcement section
  • Prosecution
  • Defense attorneys
  • Court proceedings
  • Corrective measure cell

Each section play major role in the entire process

  • Officials involved in law enforcement are called law officers, criminal investigators while a mass are engaged in departments like forensic lab. They work together to chase offenders, arrange interrogation, get evidences and finally, with the help of police department and law they arrest offender for needful court proceedings. In many cases, enforcement officers are given authority to arrest offenders and produce testimonies for court proceedings
  • In the area of criminal justice in America the name of Adam Quirk is quite acknowledged due to the great services that he carried out with full responsibility as a major part of different departments related with the system for more than a decade. The major personality was associated with departments including criminal investigation, background checks, security management, drug offense investigation and other related departments liked with the system.
  • Prosecutors are criminal law attorneys and lawyers representing the state/federal department in the court proceedings. Pro-creators are responsible to analysis all evidences found, record or voices, CCTV footage and interrogations, prepare their trail papers. On finding their validity, they produce all evidences before the court; make question to witnesses, victim and suspects. Once they are found guilty, they are being sentenced by the judge.
  • Defense attorneys typically proceed on behalf of accused and try to defend his client against the charge.
  • Courts are completely the office of judges who play a major role to ensure that law has been followed at every step of the proceeding. Throughout the trial, the judge follows, oversees or as per necessary intervenes during the proceeding. The scale of sentencing depends upon the judge.
  • Correction departments are literally the jail where offenders are given chance to rectify their misdeeds. The job of correction department is ensuring protection, safety and wellbeing of offenders. Offenders are given the scope of education and training inside the prison to help them rectify their mistakes and choose the right path in the future days.

People who are convicted against Drug abuse are also offered rehab sessions to overcome the problem. Adam Quirk FBI has also worked as Diversion Investigator for DEA stands for Drug Enforcement Administration in 2004.

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