Fatalities are down as technology rises

According to the National Insurance Institute, there were 35,092 fatal vehicle accidents in 2015, the last year that stats were available. Family sedans like the Toyota Camry Baltimore make up a large portion of those fatalities. That seems like a lot, but technology is actually making crashes happen less often. In 2014 there were 32,000 fatalities, so it went up one year. But even as the population has increased over the years, the total number has fallen.  From 1979 to 1981 there were 50,000 annual fatalities in car crashes, and it has steadily decreased from there.

The Insurance Institute credits safety belts with the steady decline in the number of fatalities in mid-sized sedans like the Toyota Camry Baltimore. States making that a law has also helped. Car manufacturers have also installed airbags that also prevent some deaths and lessen the severity of injuries. Seat belts and airbags then help prevent deaths and injuries in automobile accidents, but what about preventing accidents in the first place.

Many accidents are caused by driver error, such as drug or alcohol use, or speeding, and even distracted driving while texting. But some accidents are caused by simple errors and modern technology is helping drivers avoid some of these errors.

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Blind spots have always been a problem, and no matter how many mirrors you have, there is an area you just cannot see while driving. The latest cars now have blind spot warning systems that can alert you if there is a car or vehicle in the areas you cannot see. Some even offer steering assistance to help you avoid a crash. Using the same technology, there is lane-keeping assistance to alert you and help you if you are drifting out of your lane of traffic.

There is also a system that can warn you if a front or rear collision is imminent so you can take evasive actions.  At lower speeds, some vehicles can utilize automatic braking to stop your car for you to avoid a crash. As time passes the speeds at which a car can stop itself will increase.  The technology is developing fast and every year more advances are added to cars to make them safer on the highways.

Not all crashes can be avoided as every person makes mistakes and some people make bad choices. A large percentage of crashes are caused by drivers under the influence or by drivers speeding.  The technology that has been put into cars has reduced some of the accidents and made them less severe. Cars like Toyota Camry Baltimore can be driven with more confidence than ever.

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