How to Remodel a Two-Story House for Disabled/Elderly

With the multi-generation households being trending right now, more and more families are willing to remodel their existing homes or even purchase new ones for enhanced accessibility. Single story homes are an obvious choice when it comes to wheelchair accessibility or aging-in-place. However, a two-story house could be made just as convenient if not more by choosing and installing the right equipment. Moreover, planning ahead of time for your future mobility needs can save you thousands of dollars as well as migraines if you are planning to age-in-place. We have brought you some mobility solutions for a safe and easy floor to floor travel in a two-story house.

1.     Stairlift

Stairlift also knew as the chairlift allows you to travel from one floor to the next in a convenient seating position which helps to reduce the risk of falling significantly. This is the best mobility option for people who are able to transfer themselves on and off a surface or chair independently, however, find it difficult to climb the stairs. You have two options when it comes to choosing the stair lift for your two-story house:

  • Straight Stairlift: If the staircase of your two-story house has no turns or intermediate landings then you can go for this one.
  • Curved Stairlift: this one is custom made to match the dimensions of your staircase which might have turns etc.

2.     Incline Platform Lift

Incline Platform Lift also known as wheelchair lift is the right choice for the people who need to get up and down the stairs while remaining in their wheelchair. It is the most suitable solution for the wheelchair users who prefer to avoid unnecessary transfers as they require assistance while transferring in order to reduce the risk of falling. This lift enables the users to drive their wheelchair, scooter, etc. onto a platform which will then travel up the stairs at an incline while providing a convenient exit point at the landing for safety. You can choose the perfect one for your home from

3.     Vertical Platform Lift

The vertical platform lifts also known as the home elevator is the ideal option for you if you have a narrow staircase and are unable to install the incline platform lift or wish to avoid the stairs completely. These type of lifts help to transfer the users from one floor to the next in a vertical manner. This type of elevator would require an open atrium in the home to be installed. Also, it requires minimum space as well as modifications in the homein order tobe installed.

Go ahead and choose the right type of equipment to remodel your two-story house by assessing your mobility needs in detail. This will help you to mobilize from one floor to the next conveniently without safety issues.So, if you are planning on age-in-place or wish to overcome your mobility issues in your two-story home, remodel your home with one of these solutions and be on your way to an independent life.

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