How to Spot an Edwardian House

Edwardian houses are highly sought after, beautiful and full of character – people buying houses often choose Edwardian homes to fulfil their needs.  But how can Edwardian houses be spotted? Today we are going to be listing some tell-tale signs and features…

Chimneys – In Edwardian houses chimneys were typically sited halfway down the slop of the roof so that they stood directly above fireplaces. This is something that you should look out for if looking to buy an Edwardian house. In many cases these chimneys were transformed into prominent features with decorative and flamboyant brickwork.

Fireplaces–If you are looking for an Edwardian house, be sure to look at the fireplace.  Edwardian fireplaces are truly stunning and really can make houses homes. If you have found a perfect home but the original fireplace is not in tact do not worry, there are Edwardian fireplaces London companies able to fix and enhance these fireplaces, making them once again perfect.

The upper story – In Edwardian houses upper store’s at the front were often clad with mock timber frame patterns, hanging tiles, a coat of pebbledash, or a plain render with patterns pressed in. Tall thin bay windows were incredibly popular.

Sash windows – Many Edwardian houses had and still have sash windows, providing a rustic and highly sought after appearance. Some of these windows also featured stained glass to make them even better looking. Of course originally windows are likely to have been taken out due to old age, however many Edwardian houses choose to install the same styled windows time and time again.

Tiles – In these houses ceramic tiles were often used to decorate pathways and entrance halls. These tiles were typically black and white in colour with splashes of bold colours at either side of the front door. These tiles, if still in place and in good condition can really add value to homes.

Ceilings – In Edwardian houses ceilings are very, very high, usually boasting picture rails and more. High ceilings are truly desirable and can make houses look sophisticated and expensive.

These are only some of the ways to spot an Edwardian home too. If you are looking for a house and an Edwardian home is not within your budget, do not worry. You can buy any home and make it look Edwardian by installing an Edwardian fireplace, ceramic tiles and more. What are you waiting for?

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