How to Take Care of an Ornamental Iron Fence

Home maintenance is important for many reasons. There are many parts that home owners cannot ignore. One thing that most people forget is the fence. If you have an ornamental iron fence, that goes double. Believe it or not, these type of fences are just as important as the rest of the house. Having a good looking fence can make the rest of your house look that much better. The key thing is to prevent rust from forming. But how do you go about the maintenance of your fence? Ornamental Iron Fence Austin is here to help you with a number of tips.

  • Before you get to work, clear your area. Remove all and any vines, weeds, and grass growing around or on your fence. Ornamental Iron Fence Austin suggests using a tarp to cover up your garden and bricks to keep them in good condition when you work.
  • Clean off the new rust with a small fine wire brush. Heavier brushes will ruin the quality of your fence. When you are done, rinse down with a hose and allow to dry. If there is already older rust, it is best to use a rust converter. Ornamental Iron Fence Austin suggests using phosphoric-acid-based or tannic-acid-based converter for your project.
  • Next, apply a thin coat of oil-based primer. Since you are working with metal and iron, oil-based products are your best bet. For better results, go for the spray-on primer. It will help you get every inch of your fence. Let the iron dry when you are finished.
  • For the finishing touch, coat your fence in an oil-based paint. If you can, go for a color similar to your fence. These can be found at your local home maintenance store or online. If all else fails, Ornamental Iron Fence Austin suggests calling your manufacturer.
  • For the final touches, replace any missing fasteners and other pieces of your fence with similar fence hardware pieces that are really close in shape, size, and appearance. You have to get it as close as possible or else it will look like a hack job. If you have squeaky hinges, grease them up right away.

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