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Romania is one of the largest exporters of livestock within the Union European, with the highest increase in sheep flocks. Obviously, selling livestock sheep has a special contribution to the economic development of the country.

Reasons to buy sheep

It’s outstanding that sheep are one of the most domesticated animals from the earth. As a matter of fact, they are raised for many reasons. In the first place, they are bred for its wool type. The diversity of colors depends on the different character of the wool pigmentation. In the second place, they are raised for their delicious meat.

Also, they are raised for their nutritional benefits of the milk. The calcium consisted in its composition is doubled in comparison to the cow’s milk. Besides, it’s effective for the human body because can increase the functionality of the immune and the nervous system. It is well known that sheep can produce up to 1,000 lbs. of milk annually. They have an incredible instinct of flock and therefore can be easily guided.

Breed  Categories

According to some estimates, there are more than 1,000 breeds of livestock sheep worldwide.

In Romania, there is Tsigai breed which is raised in large groups in the south of Moldavia, Transylvania, and Dobrogea because it’s easy to raise and maintain. There are four varieties which are distinguished by the color of the wool: white (Bela), muzzled black and gray, brown and black.

Another category of sheep breed is Tsurcana. Also called “The Queen of the Mountains” and it’s one of the most popular sheep breeds in Romania. The wool is thick and made of two kinds of fibers. This breed, also known as Barsana, is resistant and provides mixed production of milk, meat, and wool. The rams have strong, spiral-shaped horns with an outward-tipped horn and are very playful and fast and can easily climb the rocks in the mountainous regions. Some sheep of this breed do not have horns. Within the breed, can be distinguished three varieties of color: white, brown, black.

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The brown variety is widespread especially in northern Moldavia, and the hides of this variety are very popular. At black Tsurcana, the color is found in lamb, and as it gets older, the lambskin becomes gray or reddish, and then it develops into gray.

Seradria is an exporting company with a wide experience regarding sheep breeding, slaughtering and trading. Frequently, the company exports livestock via sea routes to the Mediterranean region, in North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean coast.

The farm is located near the Cluj Napoca city in the town of Rascruci and is built and managed as per all standardization required by the Union European.

Seradria is also able to provide shipments of livestock to countries from Arab Peninsula like Israel and Lebanon.

All the ewes and rams are available for sale in great numbers. Per client’s request, it can be delivered with or without wool. All blood analysis and vaccines are done accordingly to Union European standards. If you considering to buy sheep via online, check out for more information and you’ll make the best decision.

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