Solar Geysers Are Much Better Than Conventional One

Solar energy is a renewable energy and we get it free from the sun. Solar geysers are made up with solar panel technique. Solar geyser uses solar energy and convert it into electrical energy to heat up water without uses more conventional electricity. It is eco-friendly and much better than conventional geysers.  Solar geyser has a system that is installed on a terrace where it can get sunlight energy from the sun. Solar geyser used to heat water and store it in an insulated tank. The solar geyser use solar energy or heat radiation from sunlight to heat water. There are lots of varieties in solar geysers which are available in the market. You can easily get it from online platform like Solar Advice.

Today in the market solar geysers demands are increasing in which government also play an important role. Government provide subsidy to install Solar panel or Solar geysers which encourage people to get it. Geysers are one time investment means you have to invest it once and take advantages for long period with zero maintenance.

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Here are some advantage and features of Solar Geysers

  1. Eco-friendly: As it’s get energy directly from the sun as a solar energy and converts it into electrical energy which is completely eco-friendly and renewable.
  2. Low maintenance: Once it is installed you have not maintain it regularly or again and again because it has no moving part. Solar geysers life is up to 20 years or more so it has low maintenance cost.
  3. Energy efficient: Solar geysers use less energy than conventional heaters so it reduces regularly electricity bill.
  4. Safe and secure: As it is mounting on the top of the terrace so it is less risky than conventional heaters. Specially LPG heaters because it has flammable gas and higher risk to burst. But solar geysers are made up with thermal insulator which is safe and secure.

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