Take an Eco-friendly Approach to Waste Removal with Waste Express

Waste removal comprises more than just disposing of rubbish or collecting garbage from homes or commercial spaces. While a large portion of waste is recyclable, some items should never enter your dumpster or trash bin including electronics, tires, paint or chemicals.

Considering the negative impact of greenhouse gases and pollution, smarter handling of waste removal is imperative. So, to make your contribution to protecting the environment we’ve put together a small brief about how Waste Express can help you remove waste in an eco-friendly way.


Recycling is a process comprising collecting and transforming waste materials into new products. The process breaks down waste into raw materials which special facilities use to create new items. Considering that natural resources are limited, recycling helps to maintain a good balance and protects the environment.

Considering that creating a new product from recycled materials requires about 20% of the energy required to manufacture a product from scratch, recycling can lower the carbon footprint. Also, it eliminates requirements for new natural resources. For example, if you recycle paper, you’re reducing the number of trees which are cut down. So, it prevents deforestation and promotes environmental protection.

And, Waste Express takes all recyclable products from your home or business to special recycling centres.

If you’re not sure about separating recyclable products from non-recyclable items, our waste removal team can help you. Just book an appointment and we’ll take care of the rest.

Turning Waste into Energy

Although waste can be solid or liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous, special processing facilities can turn most waste into energy. Although waste removal can seem straightforward, it involves complex procedures to ensure the protection of the environment.

Processes Following Waste Removal

Special centres can turn waste into electricity, fuel or heat. For example, solid waste can be turned into energy through incineration. It’s the most popular technology for waste conversion.

However, depolymerizationis a process which uses thermal breakdown in the presence of water. Special facilities heat organic waste compounds at increased temperatures to create thermal energy.

And, through gasification,our partners can generate Synthesis gas to produce heat and electricity. The process involves converting carbonaceous substances into carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen at increased temperatures and in the presence of Oxygen.

Waste Express has partnered with special processing companies which have the equipment to convert waste into energy. So, once we collect domestic or commercial waste, we deliver it to special centres.

And, because we promote reducing landfills and turning them into greener alternatives, we take any waste which cannot be reused or recycled to landfills where we support waste-to-energy initiatives. Eco-friendly landfills integrate various methods to turn sitting waste into energy. For example, one method comprises capturing the naturally produced methane gas and converting it into energy sources.

Waste Express actively supports and contributes to protecting the environment by promoting and facilitating recycling and alternative energy usage. You can do your part and reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment by working together with Waste Express. Book an appointment and our team of experts will be with you in record time.


Whenever you want to de-clutter your home or dispose of unwanted waste from your office, take an eco-friendly approach. To contribute in protecting the environment all you must do is call Waste Express and our team will handle everything. We’ll carefully collect, separate and take your waste to special centres where it gets recycled or turned into energy.

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