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After you complete a rehabilitation program, you might not be fully ready to resume your life as usual. However, you can’t stay at the rehabilitation facility longer than your treatment lasts. If you don’t feel confident that you can handle managing your finances and your own place, you could harm your recovery. Instead of compromising your recovery by moving too quickly into something you’re not ready for, you might want to consider sober living in Boca Raton. Sober living is an option primarily for individuals who’ve already undergone rehab. 

Definition of a Sober Living House 

A sober living house is a place where individuals can go while they’re recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. It’s a home where people who are recovering from substance abuse can live while they’re recovering but not quite ready to resume their usual lives. Sober living in Boca Raton acts as a stepping stone. It can be a beneficial step for individuals because it can give them back confidence, so when they’re ready to go out into the real world, they’re less vulnerable to relapsing. Additionally, a sober living house can act as a support system, and it has the ability to be a safe place for those who don’t have an environment conducive of sobriety to live. 

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Benefits of Sober Living

Every person who lives in the house is at the same point in his or her recovery. Generally, the house will have a weekly meeting where all residents discuss concerns and encourage one another. Those who choose to live in a sober house relearn accountability. They learn the importance of developing a routine. During their stay, they learn strategies to enter back into the real world without the use of drugs. 

Life at the House

Most people who live in a sober living house have undergone an inpatient program or are currently participating in an outpatient treatment program. People who live in the house may only stay temporarily. Generally, a person is only able to reside in a sober living house for a month to several months. Some people do live in the house for over a year, but the duration of a person’s stay directly relates to the level of support he or she needs. 

Individuals who live in a sober house coincide, sometimes several to a room, and must share responsibilities. Everyone in the house has rules he or she must follow such as a curfew and stringent visitation hour. Sober houses have a zero-tolerance policy toward drugs and alcohol. Random drug tests are administered, and if a person should happen to test positive, it results in immediate expulsion from the house. In fact, breaking the rules could lead to an eviction at any time since there isn’t a contract or lease in place. Every person in the sober house must seek employment or further his or her education during his or her stay. 

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